We have over a decade of experience conducting digital forensics for criminal, intelligence, and counter terrorism operations. Let us use our expertise to help your case.

Training courses attended:

 US Army Military Police School (USAMPS)
▪ Magnet Forensics Certified Examiner
▪ Magnet Forensics Incident Response Examinations
▪ Magnet Forensics Mac OS Examinations
▪ Oxygen Forensics Certified Examiner
▪ Certified Blacklight Examiner
▪ Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Mile2
▪ Berla Vehicle Forensics familiarization
▪ Introduction to Networks and Computer Hardware, DoD
Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA)
▪ Computer Incident Responders Course, DCITA
▪ Windows Forensic Examinations-EnCase, DCITA
▪ Forensic Intrusions in a Windows Environment, DCITA
▪ EnCase 1, Guidance Software
▪ EnCase 2, Guidance Software
▪ Macintosh Forensics Training Program, Federal Law
Enforcement Training Center
▪ Atola Forensics familiarization
▪ CID Special Agent Warrant Officer Basic Course, U.S. Army
Military Police School
▪ Military Police Advanced Individual Training
▪ Protective Service Training Course
▪ Advanced Crime Scene Investigations
▪ Evidence Management Course/Special Agent Laboratory
Training, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory

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